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The two Bradford Pear trees at Timberland Pkwy and College Ave have been removed. They were both infected with an airborne fungus that might spread to other Bradford Pears in the area. The fungus infection is lethal to the trees. The HOA did look at treating them and found out:
  • Treatment would cost about $1100 and had less than a 50% chance of saving the trees
  • The trees were at their natural life span and would die anyway in the next 1-2 years
  • The arborist reviewing the situation told the HOA if the trees were his he would take them down.

As a result the board had the trees removed to prevent any chance of the spread of the fungus. As summer is a bad time to plant new trees, the board is going to wait until the cooler fall weather arrives to decide what to do. If you have any thoughts please let Jared (TEW HOA Property Manager- e-mail at DTVEmanager@goodwintx.com) know. The board would appreciate your thoughts in this matter.